Thursday, 23 January 2014

Save The Date




Amanda is a beautiful young woman of 34 years. She is diagnosed with bipolar, epilepsy and is at a cognitive level of a five to eight year old child. She experiences periodic episodes of aggressive behavior which has resulted in numerous police interventions, criminal charges and convictions and probation. Amanda has an intellectual disability and health issues; she is not a criminal and should not be treated as one.

Police intervention, criminal charges and convictions must cease. There are other methods of handling aggressive behavior rather than criminalizing our most vulnerable group of citizens.

Provincial demonstrations of support are planned for Amanda Murphy as she faces sentencing for an assault charge from an employee in a residential setting.

This is Amanda's dad Victor speaking with the media, trying to hold back his emotion.

Please join us and show support for Amanda and her family of February 2nd 2014 as Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia hold demonstrations of support across the province.  Locations available soon. #savethedate

For further information please contact:
Cindy Carruthers, People First Nova Scotia – 902-305-0423

Help Amanda Murphy
Have We Learned Nothing From Ashley Smith

Stop Criminalizing People With Special Needs

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