Friday, 9 October 2015

Too Much To Ask?

What is going on?

Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia

UPDATE: 9 October 2015
Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre provided one week’s notice to the family of Landon Webb of their intent to discharge him from their facility. They were notified via telephone on Wednesday, 07 October 2015 at 9am. Landon’s discharge date is Wednesday, 14 October 2015. The Department of Community Services and Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre think it’s okay to release Landon Webb into the streets....without a plan and with one week’s notice.

This is a letter that Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia sent to the government of Nova Scotia, specifically to Joanne Bernard the minister of Community Services, asking that DCS follow the promises of care that they have made.  DCS has not supported Landon Webb in the ways that he needs for a successful life.  As a result, his issues have expanded in a negative way, leading to his eviction without support from Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre.  You can support this family towards a positive resolution with DCS by contacting the Hon. Joanne Bernard,  retweeting @APofNS or showing support on Facebook.

01 December 2014
Honourable Joanne Bernard Minister 
Nova Scotia Department of Community Services 
8th Floor, Nelson Place 5675 Spring Garden Road 
P.O. Box 696 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 
B3J 2T7

Dear Minister Bernard:

Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia is writing you on behalf of Landon Webb and his parents Darrell and Brenda Webb. Landon is 24 years old and has been living at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre in Waterville, Nova Scotia since November 2013. His parents live in Piedmont. Nova Scotia, just outside of New Glasgow. The Webb family had been on a wait list for approximately four years for a bed at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre.

Landon has an intellectual disability (functioning at a 10-12 year old level), epilepsy, language and anxiety disorders, heart disease, and asthma. Darrell and Brenda Webb have legal guardianship of their son Landon Webb since he was declared incompetent on 10 November 2010. The guardianship orders are repeatedly ignored by The Department of Community Services and the staff at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre. This has repeatedly resulted in physical and mental harm to Landon. He is continually permitted to go into the community at will, unsupervised, resulting in Landon being involved with illegal drugs and other activities. He leaves the facility for extended periods of time, for as long as nine days. Staff don’t know where he is during these periods.

The family has met on multiple occasions with the Department of Community Services and staff at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, expressing strong concerns and seeking resolutions to the above-mentioned care deficiencies and neglect. There has been no resolution to any of these problems to date and Landon continues to be at risk while under the care of the Department of Community Services.
The last meeting held on 17 November 2014, Community Services advised the family that Landon will be released from Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre and returned home to his family and that the Department’s only obligation would be to provide social assistance to Landon. The Department of Community Services is well aware that Landon’s extensive needs cannot be met in a home environment, as he was assessed as level 5 care. The meeting concluded that the family want him placed in a home of his own with 24 hour staffing and supervision to ensure his safety, as well as providing appropriate programing to meet his needs. He will require drug rehabilitation. The participants at the meeting held on 17 November 2014 were: Daphne Carroll, Case Work Supervisor, DCS; Christine Pinch, SPD Social Worker, DCS; Donna McNeil, SPD Special Western Region, DCS; Phil Warren, Regional Administrator, Western Region, DCS’ Mike Margeson. Social Worker, Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre; Joe Haverstock, CEO, Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre; Department of Justice Lawyer (Representing Community Services); Michelle Morgan-Code, Family Advocate; Brenda & Darrell Webb, Parents
We understand you cannot discuss the specifics of this case with us, but implore you to personally make contact with the Webbs to help make life livable for Landon Webb.

Brenda Hardiman Chair
c: Premier Stephen McNeil Darrell and Brenda Webb

Accept What You Cannot Change...Change What You Cannot Accept

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