Saturday, 5 March 2016

Incredible Journey - Real Life

Brenda Hardiman, Chairperson, APNS
A Note From the Chair..... 

Awake early this morning anticipating my Fifth Estate Interview today. Feeling anxious and experiencing some anxiety. I'm thinking positive because often when I do ....the results ARE positive.
Thank you to all of my friends on and off facebook who supported me and my family during the last couple of years. Nichele would not be in such a kind loving home of her own, working as a housekeeper, and being an advocate and spokesperson to students at Junior High Schools in Nova Scotia. She speaks to students about not using the "R" word (retarded) and it's effect on people when it's used. She also speaks to her personal experiences of being forced to move into a large psychiatric institution and living in pure hell. Junior high schools learn about civil rights and she tells them how her civil rights were taken away and what that felt like. We all, by law, have choice on where and with whom we live.
The abuse she experienced while living in an institution was the hardest thing of all. The very people hired to care and protect are the very people who would almost destroy her.
Nichele is NOW in HER OWN home surrounded by caregivers that actually care.
So today I share our story with Canadians, hoping that in doing so, will promote change in Nova Scotia, close the 6 horrific Institutions and follow the roadmap for change. It is our hope that no other human being will be exposed to experience what our family was forced to experience .
Rather than waking up in a warm bed in her own home, Nichele could very well have been waking up, cold, in a different institution called jail, following in the footsteps of poor Ashley Smith.
I'm grateful for all of you.