Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Preview In Their Own Words - the fifth estate

Watch "In their Own Words" on CBC's the Fifth Estate, March 18 - 9pm

Use your voice to let your MLA know that you value the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers. Find your MLA on Facebook, give them a call or write them an email with the following message (copy and paste)

I am against warehousing people in institutions.  I value and respect people with disabilities and I am for inclusive community living.  The McNeil Liberal government promised at the beginning of their mandate to follow through with the plan outlined in CHOICE, EQUALITY  and GOOD LIVES  in INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES (also known as The Roadmap for Change). As my representative I would like you to ensure this plan is implemented.

Nova Scotia still has 6 institutions and is still referring people to these institutions to live. This is an archaic model that isn't healthy for society, people with disabilities their families or caregivers.  Use your voice to make a difference.

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