Sunday, 13 March 2016

We Want to Create a "FRENZY"!!!

The Fifth Estate trailer is coming soon and we need YOU to share and retweet....


Over the years Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia has been on the news, the radio, national radio and in snippets on the national news.  You have been touched and engaged by the stories we shed light on.  We know this by all of the liking, sharing, commenting and retweeting you do on our social media!

On March 18, 2016 the Fifth Estate will be presenting an investigative report on the lack of services and the breakdown in the social system for Nova Scotians with disabilities.


We would like everyone in Nova Scotia (and Canada !!) to watch the Fifth Estate.  Successive governments have been using your tax dollars to keep institutions alive and well in this province. This is NOT a best practice across Canada or across the world. The hope is that there will be renewed political will to create inclusive community living for all people with disabilities in Nova Scotia.

How can YOU help? Easy as 1-2-3

1. Go to Advocating Parents Facebook & Twitter
 Share our post with your:
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that Nova Scotia will be featured on the Canadian national program The Fifth Estate.
Go to Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia's

2. Watch The Fifth Estate on CBC at 9:00pm.

3. Contact your MLA and let them know you don't approve of warehousing people in institutions.

Find your MLA

Disclaimer: Sharing may cause all of Canada to watch.  The Nova Scotia government may change the way they handle cases of people with disabilities for the better. Who knows?


  1. Dear Brenda; Have a look at this group. They can do a mass letter / email blast across Canada. I believe this is how it works. You become a member. Submit a letter you would like our NS Mla's to receive. put a link for people to send this letter from them. I just updated the NS mla list for them.